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About IVP Library

Welcome to the IVP Library! Here you can browse our hundreds of Biblical ebooks and read them at your leisure. Search and browse for the books you want, click to add them to your Library (your personal selection of books to read) and then you can open them and start reading.

You will find various tools and settings available to you as you read, such as a tool for navigating to different sections of the book, exporting a citation, bookmarking your place (app only), and customising the text and page to your preferences.

To read an open book, swipe the screen to turn the page, or tap the far right or left edges of the screen.

Bring up the menu options by tapping the middle of the screen.

Inter-Varsity Press (IVP)

IVP's mission is to publish Christian books that are true to the Bible and that communicate the gospel, develop discipleship and strengthen the church for its mission throughout the world.

According to our doctrinal basis, we wholeheartedly affirm the authority and teaching of the Bible to be the foundation for our lives and our publishing.  We aim to support both Christians and those without faith, in their journey towards the cross of Christ. In a culture where biblical knowledge is increasingly rare, we seek to publish resources that inform and inspire people to read and engage with the Bible and its teachings, to find salvation through Jesus Christ.

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