The Path To Peace

Simon Vibert


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We long for control, but cannot attain it.
We aim for perfection, but it keeps eluding us.
We want to be productive and creative, but if we're honest, we spend too much time on unfocused, mind-numbing activity.

No wonder we're stressed. But God is not stressed. He knows the end from the beginning. All things are under his wise and sovereign control. However, the glorious world that he made is in rebellion against him. We desperately long for control, but we were never meant to live that way.

It is the author's conviction that it is only by realigning our desires and purposes with God's good plans that we can ultimately know relief from underlying stress.

The author writes as a Bible teacher,a caring pastor and also as a fellow sufferer who has road-tested the lessons in this book. He firmly believes that the best way to live the Christian life is by working out the practical implications of good Bible teaching.