Cross and Crescent

Cross and Crescent

Responding To The Challenges Of Islam

Colin Chapman


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Islam presents new challenges and new questions to Christians and to the West in a post-9/11 context.
However, in many situations in the world, where Christians and Muslims live peacefully side-by-side as neighbours, political considerations are not uppermost. Challenging us to examine our own attitudes, Colin Chapman considers the issues involved in Christian engagement with Muslims and Islam. He explores, ultimately, how Christians can effectively bear witness to Jesus.
This revised and updated edition incorporates brand new material on 'Islamic Terrorism', 'What is Islam?', 'The Qur'anic View of Christians' and 'Explaining Christian Beliefs About Jesus'. It will equip Christians to better understand Muslims and Islam in a rapidly changing world.


Colin Chapman:
Colin Chapman is former Lecturer in Islamic Studies at the Near East School of Theology, Beirut, Lebanon. He is the author of Christianity onTrial and The Case for Christianity (both Lion) and Islam and the West:Conflict, Co-existence or Conversion (Paternoster).