Dear Abdullah

Dear Abdullah

Eight Questions Muslim People Ask About Christianity

Robert Scott


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Many Muslims are willing to discuss matters of faith with Christians, if only we are willing to listen and talk, with gentleness and respect.
Over several years Rob Scott has done just that and shares from his rich pool of experience and wisdom. He equips us to converse with those ‘people of peace’ whom Jesus the Messiah’s disciples are to look for; those who are genuinely interested in understanding ‘who is the Christ?’ of the Christian message. These are people who share our communities, our lectures and halls of residences, our offices and blocks of flats.
In this book Rob begins to address the real questions, objections and confusion of Muslim people concerning the Christian message. It is written so that we can answer these questions in as gentle and honest a way as possible.
'Rob Scott’s book meets the accessibility test in three key ways. First, it focuses upon real questions posed by real Muslims to real Christians on a regular basis. Second, it provides answers that effectively equip Christians to engage with Muslims in diverse contexts. Third, it uses a style of language which is easily comprehensible for those with little background in the study of Islam. On this basis, this book deserves wide distribution among Christians as they interact with their Muslim friends.'
Peter Riddell, Formerly Professor of Islamic Studies at London School of Theology
'Scott writes with a clear head and winning affection for his Muslim friends. Instead of giving glib, pre-packaged responses, he shows how the very shape of the gospel answers Muslim objections to it – and thus he models how attractive the triune God of love is. Very helpful.'
Michael Reeves, Head of Theology, UCCF