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Alec Motyer


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The book of Isaiah is perhaps the most compelling of all Old Testament prophecy. No other prophet rivals Isaiah's brilliance of style, powerful imagery and clear vision of the messianic hope.

Isaiah's prophetic ministry begins with his temple vision and "I heard the voice of the Lord saying, 'Whom shall I send?'" Through a series of oracles Isaiah calls Israel and the nations to turn to the Lord, for judgment is coming. He announces that redemption is found in the Davidic Servant alone. Finally, in the "day of vengeance and the year of redemption" the Anointed Conqueror will punish rebellious peoples, comfort the contrite and reestablish the glory of Zion.

J. Alec Motyer, author of the unparalleled one-volume commentary The Prophecy of Isaiah, now provides the long-awaited final volume in the Tyndale Old Testament Commentary Series. Unlike many Isaiah commentators who divide the book between chapters 1-39 and 40-66, Motyer instead identifies three messianic the King (Isaiah 1-37), the Servant (Isaiah 38-55), and the Anointed Conqueror (Isaiah 56-66).

This volume provides Motyer's lucid exposition on these three portraits, examining Isaiah with insightful and probing passage-by-passage commentary.All who study the text of Isaiah will find here expert scholarship and solid footing for unraveling difficult issues of exegesis and interpretation.


Alec Motyer:
Alec Motyer was Vice Principal of Clifton Theological College and vicar of St Luke’s, Hampstead, before becoming Principal of Trinity College, Bristol, UK. He is much loved on both sides of the Atlantic as a Bible expositor and a prolific author. He is the Old Testament editor of the IVP commentary series, <i>The Bible Speaks Today.</i>