Forgiving the Impossible?

Forgiving the Impossible?

From Abuse To Freedom

Greta Randle


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Are some things just too difficult to forgive? Like child abuse at the hands of a trusted family friend?
Greta Randle's story shows us that forgiveness is not only possible, but that it is hugely liberating for the victim.
'My healing would only have been partial without God's intervention,' she says. 'Self-help, counselling and reading have all played a part but nothing can take the place that God occupied within the whole process. He spoke to me through the Bible, used his people to pray with me. He was constant.'
'Some may ask, "Why does God allow these things?" It is my perception that it hurts God to know that the people he created allow themselves to do "these things". It was never his wish for me to be damaged as a child but he is able to redeem every situation.'