A Devotional Map Of The Psalms

Derek Tidball


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There have been times of personal difficulty when the Psalms alone have been my source of hope, as they directed me to God and his rebuke and discipline but also to his unfailing love and forgiveness.'
The Psalms have an extraordinary ability to enable people to give voice to joy, praise and thanksgiving and an equal ability to turn their fears, frustrations and failures into heartfelt prayer to God. The whole of life is to be found in them, the complete range of emotions and the raw reality of our precarious existence.
Signposts provides a map to help readers chart their way through the Psalms, watch out for points of interest, and make connections between one place and another. This devotional book will repay careful reading with a Bible open alongside it.
* A psalm per page makes for ideal daily reading or preacher's notes.
* Short articles explore significant themes from the Psalms.
* Signposts helpfully provoke reflection, action or response.