Power to Change - Keswick Year Book 2016

Power to Change - Keswick Year Book 2016

Becoming Like God'S Son

Ray Evans, Simon Manchester, Rico Tice, Jeremy McQuoid, Peter Lewis, Adrian Holloway, Jonathan Lamb, Ray Evans, Calisto Odede, Bill Bygroves, Simon Manchester, Steve Brady, David Jackman, Derek Tidball, Rico Tice, Jeremy McQuoid


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Christlikeness is something God planned from the beginning and will one day finally complete. But now we are in the process of change, becoming more like Jesus Christ. Really? How can we overcome the pull of sin? How can we live godly lives in a world like this? Is it possible to change?

These talks from Keswick 2016 will inspire us with the goal to become like Christ and to live an authentic Christian life that provides a credible witness to the gospel we proclaim.