Advent in All the Scriptures

Chris Wright, John Stott


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25 Bible meditations based on Scripture verses and teaching nuggets from John Stott, with commentary and prayers from Christopher Wright. Accessible and bite-sized, fresh and exciting, each meditation deepens our appreciation of the timeless spiritual truths of Advent and Christmas.

Introduction: The God who comes and comes - and comes again

Week 1 The God who comes in Scripture's story
1 God comes rejoicing in creation
2 God comes questioning sinners
3 God comes promising a meal
4 God comes bringing life and light
5 God comes sending light to the nations
6 God comes to put things right
7 God comes bringing a whole new world

Week 2 The God who came in person
8 My rock and my salvation
9 God comes to the rescue
10 God comes to speak
11 God comes for a meal
12 God comes to stay
13 God comes to forgive
14 God comes to lead the way

Week 3 The God who came as promised
15 The One who came to do God's will
16 The promise of God's return
17 The promise of a ruler from Bethlehem
18 The promised herald of salvation
19 The promise of a transformed world
20 The promised light for the nations
21 The promised sin-bearing Servant

Week 4 The God who will come in Glory
22 Creation rejoices
23 Creation renewed
24 Creation redeemed
25 Immanuel: God with us!


Chris Wright:
Christopher Wright is International Ministries Director of the Langham Partnership International. Previously he taught at Union Biblical Seminary in India, and acted as Academic Dean and then Principal of All Nations Christian College, UK. He travels widely, is married to Liz (also from Northern Ireland), and they live in London.<br>His 30+ years of friendship with John Stott he describes as 'a delightful privilege for which I am immensely grateful to God'. He worked with several of the organizations that Stott founded, and was invited by him in 2001 to take over the leadership of the LPI (known in the US as John Stott Ministries).