The Servant of the Lord and His Servant People

The Servant of the Lord and His Servant People

Tracing A Biblical Theme Through The Canon

Matthew S. Harmon


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It is often recognized that the title ‘servant’ is applied to key figures throughout the Bible, culminating in Jesus Christ. Matthew Harmon carefully traces this theme from Genesis to Revelation, examining how earlier ‘servants’ point forwards to the ultimate Servant. While this theme is significant in its own right throughout redemptive history, it also plays a supporting role, enhancing and enriching other themes, such as son, prophet and king.

Harmon shows how the title ‘servant’ not only gives us a clearer understanding of Jesus Christ but also has profound implications for our lives as Christians. When we grasp what it means to be servants of Christ, our love for him and our obedience to him deepen. Understanding that the ultimate Servant, Jesus Christ, indwells his people, to empower them to serve others in love, has the potential to transform how we interact with fellow believers and the world around us.