Galatians Reconsidered

Galatians Reconsidered

Jews, Gentiles, and Justification in the First and the Twenty-First Centuries

Neil Martin


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What would the world look like if the Old Perspective on Paul was right about justification, the New Perspective was right about Judaism, and the Radical New Perspective was right to note ongoing differences between Jewish and Gentile converts?

Galatians Reconsidered is a compelling, practical study of Paul the Apostle’s writing that explores just that. Emphasising the central role played by regression in Paul’s argument on justification, Neil Martin examines the dichotomy between faith and works and how the apostle envisaged the differences in how Jews and Gentiles should interact with the Law.

By re-establishing Galatians in its original Jewish and pagan context, Martin exposes the problems faced by Galatian churches and shows how they still speak to modern churches today. His insight not only helps us better appreciate Paul’s message but challenges us to put his wisdom into practice in our own church settings.

Provocative and stimulating Galatians Reconsidered is a robust new look at the question of justification. It will leave you with a thorough knowledge of the merits and failings of both the old and new perspectives on Paul, as well as a broader understanding of the letter to the Galatians both in the context in which it was written and its continued relevance today.