Reconnect Your Church

Reconnect Your Church

A Practical Handbook for Church Revitalisation

David Brown


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Reconnect Your Church provides a practical, road-tested vision and process to equip church leaders to reinvigorate their church

How can churches stay healthy and dynamic over the long-term? What’s needed to avoid or reverse church stagnation and decline?

While some churches are vibrant and growing, many more are struggling, especially after Covid. The congregation might be declining and ageing, there’s little success in reaching out to with the gospel, and more time is spent on inward facing problems than loving God and loving others. But the potential that could be released is huge.

David Brown draws on his experience revitalising a church in central Paris to offer a vision and a process for church revitalisation, with a focus on UK and European contexts. Whether you are church planting, in a well-established and thriving church, or looking to turn around a church in decline, Brown provides biblically grounded wisdom along with change management principles for long-term health.

When we reapply God’s priorities to the church, we unleash new life and energy in following Christ in community.


David Brown:
David Brown has 40 years of experience as a pastor and church planter in France, with a dozen books published in French. He is leader of the Church Revitalisation Network run by the European Leadership Forum, teaching seminars and mentoring pastors across Europe.