Engaging with Thomas Aquinas

Engaging with Thomas Aquinas

An Evangelical Approach

Leonardo De Chirico


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The influence of Thomas Aquinas on Western theology is beyond dispute, yet his is a contested legacy. In current evangelical studies, there is an emerging infatuation with Thomas, especially as far as his theological metaphysics is concerned.

On the occasion of the eighth centenary of Thomas Aquinas, Engaging with Thomas Aquinas is a thoughtful introduction aimed at presenting the main contours of the doctor's complex legacy and critically evaluating it, especially in areas where the "Roman Catholic" Thomas eclipses the "classical" theology which is attracting renewed attention in evangelical circles.

Engaging with Thomas Aquinas contributes a thoughtful analysis from an evangelical viewpoint, offering answers to complex questions such as:

- Is the thought of Thomas and Thomism(s) the same?
- What strengths and dangers does the legacy of Thomas Aquinas present to evangelical thought?
- How can Rome's chief doctor be, at the same time, a reference point for evangelical theology?

In this book, De Chirico offers an evangelical a framework to think through this contested thinker's legacy, as well as an invitation to the inquiring reader to consider an alternative.


Leonardo De Chirico:
Leonardo De Chirico is pastor of the Church Breccia di Roma and lecturer in historical theology at the Istituto di Formazione Evangelica e Documentazione in Padova, Italy. He earned degrees in History (University of Bologna), Theology (ETCW, Bridgend, Wales) and Bioethics (University of Padova). His PhD is from King’s College (London) and was published as' Evangelical Theological Perspectives on Post-Vatican II Roman Catholicism' (Bern-Oxford: Peter Lang 2003). He directs the Reformanda Initiative, cohosts it's podcast, and is author of several books, including A Christian’s Pocket Guide to the Papacy, Same Words, Different Worlds. Do Roman Catholics and Evangelicals Believe the Same Gospel?, and Engaging with Thomas Aquinas: An Evangelical Approach. He blogs on Vatican and Roman Catholic issues from an evangelical perspective at Vatican Files.